Equipment for Liquid Removal from Depleted Gas Wells

At the late stages in gas and condensate field operations, there remains the issue of efficient fluid removal from the producing formations. The known methods to solve this problem are very expensive and have a short-term effect.

In order to improve the efficiency of well operation, a new technology and associated tools are proposed.  The implementation of these will allow efficient removal of the fluid from the formation by means of the formation energy.

This technology is implemented with the aid of packers by dividing up the axial length of the casing string into a number of isolated sections.

The in-line packers equipped with dispersers are installed inside the casing string using field wire technique. Packer removal is carried out by running the split terminal to the well on a wire.

Several versions of dispersers are developed on the basis of the known field data in order to implement such technology. A computer program has also been developed for determination of the required number of packers (with dispersers) and their installation location along the production casing string.

The technology is utilised by accelerating the gas flow in the disperser channel along with liquid droplet breakup into vapour structure. Liquid gas flows to the next disperser where the same process is repeated.

When shut-down of the well is performed, the liquid condensation which appeared on each section of the casing string, is held by packers (with dispersers) at the lower end. Consequently, liquid penetration and accumulation in the pay formation is prevented.

We manufacture the equipment required for this technology with the application of new technical methods at our facilities. This technical equipment includes:

a. In-line mechanical packer PVYAМ-73 (pos.1)

b. Packers positioning in the production casing string (pos. 2)

c. Disperser design (pos.3)

The mechanical packer PVYAM-73 is designed to cut off production tubing (of 73mm diameter) in order to carry out the following technological processes:

1.  removal of formation fluid from depleted gas wells;
2.  increasing efficiency of oil well operation with high gas factor - round-lift technology;
3.  the packer is complemented with dispersers of various designs;
4.  lowering and installation of packers in the production casing string are carried out using wireline and lubrication without well shut-down.

Technical Specifications:

Designated area 
oil and gas wells
Production tubing string size, mm  73 
Bore diameter, mm  25 
Max. specified operating temperature, °С 100 
Max. outside diameter, mm 
Max. load for packer setting, KN 
Load for packer removal, KN 
Max. differential pressure, specified for the packer, MPa  10 
Length (with disperser), mm 590
Weight, kg, max