Packer (PMVD-118-50M)

This packer is designed to seal the oil and gas wells annulus for hot water injection. It can also be used for hydraulic fracturing operations (fracking). It works under differential pressures of up to 50 MPa and fits production casing strings of 146 mm in diameter 
Packer Specification:
1. Includes a restraining device to prevent the overload of the packer anchoring slips ;
2. Includes a moving conical bottom bearing to ensure the packer impermeability;
3. Mechanical packer setting and innovative packer removal tool;
4. The packer design is protected by three patent applications

Technical Specifications:

Bore diameter (nominal), mm  56
Operational depth, min, m, 50
Operational depth, max, m, 3500
Production casing diameter (nominal), mm 
Operating environment    
hot water, oil, gas      
Operating temperature, К (°С), max 
373 (100)
Packer setting load (torque), kgm 
Differential pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2), max 
 50 (500)
Max. axial load for packer removal, tf