Cut-off Valve KOShN-32/34

The cut-off valve is designed to allow safe replacement of sucker-rod pumps without killing the well. The use of cut-off valve allows preserving the reservoir properties during a workover (oil well intervention) for the pump replacement.

The cut-off valve is mounted on the lower end of the production tube string below the lock bearing for the sucker-rod pump connection.

Opening or closure of the cut-off valve is carried out by interaction with a sucker-rod pump through an extension cord.

If required, it is possible to kill the well by connecting the pump unit to the gate valve of the production string.

Technical specifications:

Production casing diameter (OD), mm 
Production tubing diameter (OD), mm 
Pump plunger, mm 
32, 44
Differential pressure, specified by valve, MPa 
Load to turn on the valve, kg 
Length, mm 
Outside diameter, mm