Equipment for High-Viscosity Oil Production UGV1-57

If the use of weighted (heavier) sucker rods is not desirable in a high-viscosity oil production situation, another system of equipment known as UGV1-57 can be utilised. This system consists of a wellhead separator, an NNV-57 pump and a PМСK-140 packer.

The UGV1-57 assembly is designed for high-viscosity oil production. Using this technology, in order to prevent ‘hanging’ (sluggish movement of the sucker rod) the production tubing itself is filled with brine or light oil and the actual produced oil is extracted through the annulus. This means the main pump together with the sucker rods which are operated in brine or light oil are isolated from the produced high-viscosity using an additional plunger referred to as ‘soft-pocket’ plunger.

The wellhead separator prevents mixing of brine with the produced oil, facilitates the removal of gas through the annulus as well as supplying grease to the polished rod.

The NNV-57 pump used in this assembly is designed to reduce the wear of the soft-pocket plunger by eliminating the pressure drop at the plunger.

The PMCK-140 packer used in this assembly is designed for long-term and leak-proof isolation of the casing as well as the protection of the formation from the working environment, during various production operations.

The PMCK-140 packer is installed in the casing by mechanical clockwise rotation of the production tubing with a force of 150 Kgm without the need for any additional tubing load. It will perform in operational mode for a long time.

The integrated anchoring unit of this packer prevents its premature positioning downhole. The packer is installed at the intended position by a simple clockwise rotation. It can be removed by raising the production tube equipped with a removal tool by applying a maximum force of 5 tf (approx. 15 times clockwise rotation).