Gas Anchor YG-114-73-10

Gas anchor is designed to separate associated gas at the sucker-rod pump suction. It is mounted along the production column and positioned below the sucker-rod pump intake valve.

The anchor provides an efficient operation where the gas factors up to 200-250 nm3/m3 and sand content within 1.3 g/l in the pumped out fluid. Gas is separated in anchor cups and returns to the annulus whereas liquid goes up the central pipe to the pump suction.

The distinguishing features of the anchor are easy manufacturing process and easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

Outside diameter, mm, max    
Operation column diameter, mm,  146, 168
Connecting thread, GOST 633- 80 
Moment of cross-thread screwing of tubing 73mm diameter during anchor installation, Nm 1500
Flow rate per anchor, m3/day 
Gas factor, nm3/m3    
Sand content, g/l, max    
Effective sections number per well, unit, max 
Specified depth, m, max 
Section weight, kg 
Average life between failures, hour  25000

Average life between failures and specified no-failure operating time to be set for operational conditions at working environmental temperature (DТ=100°С) and hydrogen sulfide content not exceeding 50mg/l.