Gas-Sand Anchor YaGP-114-73-15, YaGP-114-73-30, YaGP-114-73-45

The gas-sand anchor is designed to separate effectively associated gas and mechanicaladmixtures during pumping process in wells. The anchor is mounted through an adaptor directly under the pump.

The anchor provides an efficient operation where the gas factors up to 200-250 nm3/m3 and sand content within 1.3 g/l in the pumped out fluid exist.

The sand section of gas-sand anchor is operated on the principle of gravitational settling of particles in an upward fluid flow. Due to the low fluid flow velocity in the anchor sand cups section, the sand separates and falls into the bunker. The bunker is made of tubing with a sealed lower end which is installed underneath the anchor.

The anchor operation (described above) has a low hydraulic resistance and allows long-term operation without sand penetration into the pump.

YaGP-114-73-15 gas-sand anchor is used for gas production of up to 15 m3/day, YaGP-114-73-30 for production of up to 30 m3/day and YaGP-114-73-45 for production of up to 45 m3/day.

The anchor cannot be serviced while in operational mode.

Technical Specifications:

      Outside diameter, mm, max      114
          Internal bore diameter, mm       40
          Production casing diameter, mm       146, 168
          Connecting thread (diameter), GOST 633-80       73
        Moment of cross-thread screwing, of tubing 73mm during anchor installation, Nm, max ;
          Weight, kg       53; 85; 118
          Flow rate per anchor, m3/day, max      15, 30, 45
          Gas factor, nm3/m3      200
          Admixtures content, g/l, max       30
          Mechanical clay mud particle size hold, mm, max       0,08
          Average life between failures, hour       25000 

Average life between failures and specified no-failure operating time to be set for operational conditions at working environmental temperature (DТ=100°С) and hydrogen sulfide content not exceeding 50mg/l.