SPR Rod Seal SPOKK-73-31

SPOKK 73-31 device is required for operation of oil wells using sucker rod pumps.  This device has joints which provide compliance with ecological requirements. In comparison with SUS-2-73-31, the stuffing is made ​​of wear-resistant rubber composite and can be easily replaced. The Deviceis equipped with a small-sized preventer required for replacement of the stuffing under pressure (an impossible task for SUS-2-73-31 due to failure because of the icing of the stuffing rod, both primary and secondary). It is equipped with deicer bronze spring washers to reduce the stuffing wear due to icing. The wear of the stuffing is reduced by joint offset which ensures not only angular, but also radial displacement. The built-in check-valve fitted in the device prevents blow-outs occurring in case of polished rod failure.    

Technical Specifications:

Connecting thread, GOST 633-80, mm 73 
Wellhead rod diameter, mm 
Max. pressure, MPa  21 
Operating pressure, MPa  16 
Overall diameters, mm  185х380х780