Weighted Sucker Rod ShNU 22-50

For pumping fluid out of the reservoir, typically a socker-rod pump is lowered downhole and operated there. However to transfer the reciprocating movement from the well surface down to the plunger of the pump downhole, a number of rods are connected together which will form the rocker rod string. The ‘Weighted Sucker Rod’ is considerably heavier than a regular piece sucker rod and thus it is used as the bottom rod in the sucker rod string to facilitate the production of heavy oil due to its increased weight 
Technical Specifications:

Weighed sucker rod material 
Steel 40Х GOST 4543      
length, m 
Weight, kg  96 

This sucker rod is tempered to the depth of 1 to 2 mm with the exception of the two ends (having a diameter of 50mm) which are tempered with high frequency current to the length of 100-120mm (HRC 50 ... 55 units) and to the depth of 2-3 mm.