This packer is designed to seal the steam injection tubing lower end in 168 mm casing (OD) in oil-wells with large curvature sections in order to protect casing string from the effects of high pressure and temperature associated with the steam injection process.

This packer will also help reduce the heat loss along the wellbore in oilfields developed through thermal methods. It is designed for conditions with thermophore to a temperature up to 350 0C and a wellhead pressure up to 16 MPa.

Technical Specifications:

      Operating environment  steam, hot water, steam-gas, oil       
      Nominal bore (ID), mm   40
      Environment temperature, °С, max      350
      Packer setting load (torque), kgm      400-420
      Casing outside diameter, mm   168
      Casing inside diameter (nominal), mm   144.7-153.7
      Differential pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2), max   16 (160)
      Thermal elongations compensation for thermally-insulated tubing, mm   6000
      Axial load for packer removal, ts, max  10
      Outside diameter, mm, max  139,6
      Length, m