Heat-Resistant Packers PTK-2-140-350; PTK-118-350

The heat-resistant packers PTK-2-140-350 and PTK-118-350 have a distinctive feature due to the built-in adjustable temperature compensator. Due to this feature the thermally insulated tubing elongations are compensated for by temperature compensator traveling inside the packer, which significantly increases the reliability of the whole set of heat-resistant equipment.
The heat-resistant packers are designed to protect the casing from high temperature exposure and pressure during the steam injection as well as compensating for the thermal expansions of the thermally-insulated tubing. These packers are installed on the lower end of the thermally-insulated tubing.
The packer setting is carried out by rotating thermally-insulated tubing string at the intended depth of installation. Removal of the packer is carried out by moving the thermally-insulated tubing string upwards using the pulling tool.

Technical Specifications:
 Characteristics    PTK 2-140-350  PTK 118-350 
      Nominal (internal) bore, mm  50  60
      Casing outside dia. , mm  168  146
      Casing internal dia. (nominal), mm  144.7 – 153.7  124 – 133
      Packer setting depth:
           minimum, m    
           maximum, m

       Operating environment    
steam, hot water, steam-gas, oil steam, hot water, steam-gas, oil
      Differential pressure, max, MPa  16  16
      Operating  environment temperature,  0С, max  350  350 
      Packer setting torque, kgm  400 – 420  300
      Axial loads for packer removal, ts, max  10  6 
      Packer temperature compensator travel, m, max  6  2