The mobile steam pipeline is a part of heat-resistant facilities for oil production using the steam stimulation technique. It is designed to transport the saturated steam, hot water, steam-gas ("thermophore") from various types of mobile heat-generating units up to the Christmas tree wellheads.

   Mobile Steam Pipeline Components:
• Straight sections with lengths of 7 - 8 m with detachable ‘Grayloc’ type coupling joints; 
• Expansion bends; 
• Angle sections;
• Drain sections with installed drain valves; 

   Rigid insulation cylinders with the external sheath made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.8mm - 1.0mm are used as an external insulation layer. For easy installation, the special supporting platforms and grips are fixed in the sections.

Technical Specifications:
      Operating environment       steam, hot water, steam-gas      
      Inside diameter, mm        64
      Operating environment temperature , max  °C       350
      Operating pressure, kgf/cm2,max       160