Steam Heat-resistant Christmas tree ATPK-100-2/4-220

This heat-resistant Christmas tree ATPK-100-2/4-220 is designed for connecting to steam injection and producing oil wellheads similar to ATPK-65-16-350 but with larger internal bore diameter (100mm) and with lower maximum operating pressures (2.4 MPa) and temperatures (220 oC). The production casing head internal diameter can be made bespoke to fit the required production casing diameter.

Technical Specifications:
      Working environment       steam, hot water, gas, oil      
      Nominal bore (ID), mm  
      Operating pressure, Мpа        2,4
      Operating temp.,°С, max   
      Production Casing diameter,mm           on request  
      Production Casing diameter,mm:
 •  Length, mm ;
 •  Length, mm ;
 •  Length, mm ;

      Length, mm        1650