Steam Heat-resistant Christmas tree ATPK-65-16-350

This Christmas tree is designed for connecting to steam injection and producing oil wellheads with a production casing diameter of 168 mm and 245 mm.

The Christmas treeComponents:

 • Casing head;
 • T connector;
 • Adapter;
 • Straight gate valves;
 • Pressure gauge;

Advantages of ATPK-65-16-350 Christmas
 • Application of special straight double-sealed gate valves;
 • The valve's seats are of a unique design so that an effective seal is created by the seats in both directions;
 • Implementation of the  most up-to-date design of the spindle rod seals;
 • Ease of operation and low wheel drive torque of the gate valve drive;

Technical Specifications:
      Operating environment        steam, hot water, steam-gas, oil      
      Operating pressure, MPa, max       16
      Operating temperature, °K (°C), max        618 (345)
      Nominal bore diameter I.D., mm              65
      Production casing diameter O.D., mm              168, 245