About us

Oil & Gas Production - Products and Technologies

With a high level of scientific and technical capability in the area of equipment design and use of the latest technologies and production machinery, we are able to manufacture standard and bespoke oil & gas drilling and production equipment with the highest technical specifications and to the highest quality. Some categories of products and equipment we manufacture are as follows:
  • Heat-resistant oil production equipment using steam stimulation:
    • Steam heat-resistant wellhead equipment (Christmas tree) with at least equal quality to the well-known American "Cactus” steam heat-resistant wellhead fittings
    •   Easy-assembly mobile steam pipeline
    •  Thermally insulated downhole tube ТK-114-73-350 required for thermal methods of enhanced oil recovery
    •   Heat-resistant packers with distinctive features for fitting by a method of rotation of the thermally-insulated tubing string and temperature elongation compensator at the lower part of the column
  • Hot liquid pump 25-225 ТНМТS 14-9-4-9
  • Equipment for sand control in oil and gas wells
  • Downhole equipment for operation of well sucker-rod pumps (various designated packers, gas, sand and gas-sand anchors)
  • Well operation system using ESP (Electrical Submersible Pumps) allowing equipment replacement without killing the well (KOETS -168)
  • Equipment for special technologies (mechanical, etc.)
  • Other industrial  equipment:  Crane  tree (AFK6E-65х21KhL);  tree swivel joint OAF-65х21KhL; multi-purpose mobile platform (PUM-1); valves for measuring and pressure relief in pipelines (available diameters 10, 15, 20, 25 mm; pressures up to 16 MPa); crane ball(available in diameters 10, 15, 20, 25 mm;  pressures up to 16 MPa)
Delivery of the equipment can be accompanied by supply of service and maintenance, providing scientific and technical assistance during installation of equipment in the oilfield and staff training.
We pride ourselves of having the capability of manufacturing very high quality and technical bespoke products and we routinely cooperate with our customers on mutually beneficial terms to offer a list of products which can be supplied to customers’ specifications and requirements. We always take into consideration customer requirements and proposals about pricing and delivery.