Ancla para evitar el desplazamiento axial de la bomba АТН-М-118; АТН-М-140

When a sucker-rod pump is lowered downhole, during its pumping operation, the pump body can travel axially if it is not anchored in place. Such an unwanted axial travel will reduce the efficiency and reliability of the pump. The ATH-M-118 anchor (for 146mm production casing string) and the ATH-M-140 anchor (for 168mm production casing string) are designed to prevent such axial travel.

In order to install the anchor downhole it is lowered down into the production casing string along with the pump attached to a 73 mm diameter production tubing string. The anchor setting downhole is similar to setting a packer. The anchor is set downhole immediately under the sucker-rod pump at the depth where the pump will be operating to provide anchorage for the pump. When the anchor needs to be removed or relocated, it can be released by merely pulling the production tubing string upwards.    

Technical Specification:

Bore diameter (nominal), mm 
Outside diameter, mm 
118; 140
Casing diameter (nominal), mm 
146; 168
Length, mm  1100 
Operating environment 
water, gas, oil      
Operating temperature, °С, max  100 
Anchor setting load (torque, kgm) 
Anchor setting load (torque, kgm)